Field settings for research

Cameron Parish

Freshwater marsh in coastal Louisiana. Those beautiful ochre patches are giant salvinia dying because of the feeding damage of the salvina weevil. 

Phragmites australis die-back in Plaquemines Parish. Dead stems are the only remanents of the previous year's growth.

Charlie tank.jpg

Mesocosm study with giant salvinia at the LSU AgCenter Aquaculture Facility.  


Pro-Drive boat for shallow marshes.

Drone image of ponds used to mass rear weevils and to conduct aquatic weed research.


The Rig.


Berlese funnel room. We have 60 funnels to maximize insect extraction from samples.

Indoor greenhouse.jpg

Indoor greenhouse with growth lights. Very useful for small container experiments on campus. 

Crape myrtle bark scale research

CM and Fatima.jpeg

Setting irrigation in the crape myrtle experimental plot.

Giovana sampling crape myrtle branches at the LSU Campus. 


Zinan during host plant experiments. We exposed the scale to at least 10 plant species.

Emerald ash borer research


Balwinder cutting ash trees, and crew assisting with the emergence cages.

Phragmites die-back research


Diaz and Cronin crews at the boat in the Mississippi River.


Leslie counting roseau cane scales. 


Herie and Matt collecting soil samples at the Mississippi River.

Matt, Herie and Matt happy after playing in the mud--a.k.a. soil collection.


Leslie and Rodrigo finding parasitized scales.

Rodrigo collecting soil at a new site in the Mississippi River.


The true joy of counting roseau cane scales.

Dead water hyacinth followed by the storm surge, Phragmites still standing on the back. 

Salvinia biological control research


Charlie releasing weevil-infested salvinia into a lake.


Otto cruising on our rearing pond.

IMG_0099 - Version 2.jpg

Looking for salvinia weevils at rearing ponds


Alana collecting salvinia weevils in Uruguay.

Adan in research pond, note length of root-like leaves.

Lori and Otto placing cover fabric to protect weevils during winter.

Seth and Bentley fixing weevil overwintering study pools.


Micasense dual camera rig, we can capture 10 bands. This helps to measure not only plant damage but also submerged vegetation recovery.

Air potato research


Alana making history by doing the first release EVER of air potato beetles in Louisiana, 2016.

Happy due to beetlel damage.jpg

Leslie and Jean happy seeing the impact of beetles at the Grand Isle. 

Lori showing massive leaves at the Grand Isle hammock.

Chinese tallow research

After planting the tallow forest at Southern University. Manrique and Diaz labs.